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A big part of our day in the shop is working on repairs. It's something we've become known for. Often people come to us having been turned away elsewhere - told that their favourite glasses are impossible to repair. But, we never like to give up on a pair of spex.
Everyday holds different repair challenges. Sometimes it's simple jobs like replacement screws and new nose pads. But, other times, like today, there were a few more skilled repairs to do and we wanted to share them with you.
This vintage frame was snapped in half down the bridge. It has been bonded, filed, coloured and polished. We're really happy with the finish and so was the owner of these spex.
Here are some more repairs replacing lenses and screws, straightening legs and bonding of a snapped side.
All of these spex were saved today. If ever we can't rescue a pair in our lab then we can send them to a specialist company who can. So don't give up on your spex too quickly.
Prices for repairs vary. But you can visit the 'Repairs' section of our website for a guide and you can contact us there for a quote too.