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We have someone we'd like to introduce you to. 

So that our customers get to know a little more about the people behind their spex, we’ll be sharing some profiles on team Spex Pistols. 

This week we’re asking, Lucy L, to introduce herself. 


Hello, I'm Lucy. I’ve worked at Spex Pistols for two years now alongside going to High School. And it’s just such a brilliant place to work. All of the team are so lovely and Richard is an epic boss. I love spending time there and I know that not everyone can say that about their job. 

Staff photo by Chloe Side Photography

The best part for me though is helping customers choose the perfect frames. I always want them to feel like they’ve really had the best service and that’s a big part of the shop ethos.

I’m one of the youngest members of the Spex Pistols' team. But, I know how to work hard (definitely something my parents have inspired in me). Spex Pistols isn’t the only job I have. I also have my own business.  In 2015, I set up Lucy’s Bakehouse. 

I started supplying cakes to the West House, just down the road from Spex Pistols. Then I began to get orders from a hotel and slowly the business grew. During lockdown earlier this year, I had to adapt how I worked and joined forces with my cousin and we we started delivering afternoon tea boxes for people. But now everything is slowly returning to normal and although Lucy’s Bakehouse is still baking, you’ll see me back in the Spex Pistols shop a lot more. 

My favourite pair of spex in the shop is 'William, It Was Really Nothing' (that I'm wearing, on the right, in the photo below with tinted lenses) part of Spex Pistols' own collection. Its name was inspired by The Smiths' song.

When I’m not helping people choose spex (or baking) you’ll find me at home on the farm probably speaking to my granny (she’s my best friend). I’m at my very happiest in a field on a frosty morning walking my dog. And I’m at my least happiest when I’m faced with a mushroom. 

There's probably only one more thing you need to know. It's only 66 days until Christmas? That’s right, I’ve been counting down since August! :-)

Thank you Lucy! You're the best!

We also thought you might like to know how Lucy came to join the team. So we'll let Richard tell you about that.

When Lucy was about 12, I saw her conducting a business transaction (for Lucy's Bakehouse) where it looked like she was about to be sidestepped. But, with the confidence of a seasoned business woman, she turned the transaction around to how she needed it and made sure that the point in question was clear, all with a smile on her face and in less than 10 words. I was impressed.

A few years later, I saw her working on a specialist cheese stall at an evening market. She knew a lot about the products, how they should be eaten and what with. She was confident in presenting the products and how she talked to customers. When I asked the owners how long she’d been with them, I was shocked when they told me that it was her first day in the job. They were as impressed as I was, and when the opportunity presented itself not long after, we were all delighted that Lucy joined our team.


We hope you've enjoyed getting to know more about our team. And remember, if you have any questions about Spex Pistols – just ask us.



Shop shelf arrangement photo by Chloe Sidey Photography

Cake Photo by Lucy Lawrie

Staff photo outside shop by Richard Cook